Borussia Dortmund youth coach Christian Fluthmann lined up to join Norwich City’s German dugout contingent

New Norwich City head coach Daniel Farke (left) with sporting director Stuart Webber. Picture: Denise Bradley

New Norwich City head coach Daniel Farke (left) with sporting director Stuart Webber. Picture: Denise Bradley


Norwich City are set to add another name from Borussia Dortmund to their German coaching contingent this summer.

BVB’s Under-16 coach Christian Fluthmann has been earmarked to make the switch from Dortmund to Norfolk ahead of pre-season.

It’s the same journey made by the German giant’s second team manager Daniel Farke and his assistant Eddie Riemer, who became City’s first foreign head coach and number two at the end of May.

The proposed move was initially reported in Germany and Fluthmann is expected to join City’s coaching set-up, having built a respected reputation by tying his coaching skills with those in scouting and video analysis.

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The Canaries are currently working through their wider coaching structure following Farke’s arrival, as sporting director Stuart Webber gets to work following his arrival from Huddersfield in April.

Interim head coach towards the end of last season Alan Irvine has already departed to chase a full-time management position elsewhere.

Goalkeeping and set-piece coach Dean Kiely will continue at the club, as will Frankie McAvoy – although it remains to be seen whether the first team coach under Alex Neil will see his role revised.

With most of City’s players due back at City’s Colney Training Centre on Monday week for the start of their pre-season fitness testing, it might yet be that more of Farke’s colleagues from 2 Bundesliga will make the same switch west before the football begins.

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