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PUBLISHED: 10:50 24 February 2007 | UPDATED: 10:07 14 September 2010

Norwich City fans have been urged to help boost a collection of memorabilia which will keep the Canaries' 105-year history alive for future generations of fans.

Norwich City fans have been urged to help boost a collection of memorabilia which will keep the Canaries' 105-year history alive for future generations of fans.

Programmes, medals, players' contracts, and old Pink 'Un cuttings make up some of the thousands of items in the collection which is stored at Carrow Road and which one day Norwich City's Historical Trust hopes will form the basis of a purpose-built museum at the home of the Canaries.

But Roy Blower, chairman of the Norwich City Independent Supporters Association (NCISA) and member of the Historical Trust, said it needs more examples of City's rich past to add to the fascinating collection already assembled.

He said: “We're always interested to see anything that is of historic interest and want to keep as much as we can so that the history is not lost for future generations - it's good to read up on the history.

“If we know there are collections coming up we monitor the auction and if there's stuff which comes up we make offers. At the moment we haven't got much money.”

The Historical Trust relies on donations although does get half the proceeds from an auction held at the Canaries' annual open day with the rest of the money going to Friends Of Norwich City Youth (FONCY).

Mr Blower said a recent addition to the historic haul was a five-figure sum collection of items belonging to Percy Varco who scored 47 goals for the Canaries in 65 games between 1927 and 1930.

Varco scored in seven of his first eight games for Norwich and the crowd chant “give it to Varco” became legendary at the Nest - City's former ground prior to moving to Carrow Road.

Mr Blower said delving back into the history of the club gave fans an insight into the way in which the game has progressed in the modern era.

“It's good for youngsters to look back and understand,” he said. “We played at Newmarket Road, then The Nest, and now Carrow Road, had the 1959 cup run and had 20,000 supporters going to away games.”

In 2005 the Evening News reported how the loan of memorabilia from “Mr Norwich City” Geoffrey Watling, who died aged 91 in November 2004, boosted the work of the trust.

Mr Blower gained a piece of history for himself when some of the former club president's personal effects were auctioned off after his death.

“I managed to get a 1938 picture of City Hall which was the year it opened and also the year his father was Lord Mayor, as I'm going to be later this year. It's a wonderful thing to have,” he said.

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