City boss weighs up late transfer plunge

PUBLISHED: 17:18 25 January 2019 | UPDATED: 17:34 25 January 2019

Daniel Farke must plan without Carlton Morris and Louis Thompson after injury setbacks 
Picture: Paul Chesterton/Focus Images Ltd

Daniel Farke must plan without Carlton Morris and Louis Thompson after injury setbacks Picture: Paul Chesterton/Focus Images Ltd

Paul Chesterton

Daniel Farke insists Norwich City will work ‘until the last hour of the transfer window’ to plug a gap in his squad, following a fresh double injury blow to Carlton Morris and Louis Thompson.

The Canaries’ head coach ruled the duo out for 10 weeks on Friday, after suffering ankle and knee ligament damage respectively, in development outings.

With Ben Marshall also departing to Millwall on loan, City’s homegrown quota has taken a major hit as they gear up for the Championship promotion run in.

Norwich were planning for a quiet end to next Thursday’s transfer window deadline, but the goalposts appear to have moved.

“If there is no solution then we work further on with this group but it is necessary to search for some options and we will do this until the last hour of the transfer window,” said Farke. “Perhaps there is a solution we can find in the wide position or full back area.

“I am totally happy with the strikers and the central midfielders and centre backs.

“We don’t need an option there. But with these injuries we could be a bit short on the wings. We have to stay awake if there is a possibility.

“The homegrown aspect must also be a concern. Carlton and Louis fit that bill. For that perhaps, in the winger position, a homegrown solution to help us add some competition to the squad.

“If we can find a solution that is financially possible then we will do this. But the January market is difficult. All the good players are under contract and those available are pretty often either not playing or coming back from injury.”

Farke has ruled out an abrupt recall for Marshall, who only joined Millwall on loan earlier this month.

“We wouldn’t change our mind. He made it clear he wanted to have this move,” said Farke. “I need players 100pc convinced to wear this yellow shirt at the minute. Even if I had known about these two injuries it would be the same decision.

“Yes, it means we have to stay awake. My feeling is as a head coach you can’t have enough quality players. But you have to be realistic and look at the opportunities and possibilities for the club. If we are a rich club then money is no object and you can buy any player.

“That is one solution. The other one is to work with a smaller group, to tighten those bonds between the lads.

“My feeling is we are in a situation where our financial position does not allow us to bring in an unbelievable player. We are not Liverpool or Manchester City.”

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