Play to a finish or forget relegation - City’s Premier League rival calls for fairness

Daniel Farke should get the chance to keep Norwich City up on the pitch 
Picture: Paul Chesterton/Focus Images

Daniel Farke should get the chance to keep Norwich City up on the pitch Picture: Paul Chesterton/Focus Images

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Brighton owner Tony Bloom insists there is no way clubs can be relegated if the Premier League season is not completed due to the global pandemic.

The Seagulls and Norwich City are among a number of teams who were fighting to stay up before the sport was put on hold due to the spread of coronavirus.

All 20 top flight clubs met remotely again on Friday in a bid to discuss possible scenarios to resume the current campaign, when the government and public health bodies indicate it is safe to do so.

But if football cannot resume in the coming months then Bloom is adamant it would be unfair to demote teams who have not had a chance to escape the bottom three on the pitch.

“I don’t foresee a situation, if the season’s not played out, that teams will get relegated on a points-per-game basis,” he said.

“I just don’t think it’s fathomable that a team which is not allowed to play out the season may lose out on 0.2 points based on this system, and also it does not take into account the strength of the team you have not played.

“You may get a title winner, obviously Liverpool deserve it, you may use that criteria for European qualification but I do not see how anyone can vote for that, certainly the per cent needed (70%), for teams to get relegated. I really cannot foresee that.”

Brighton were two points clear of the bottom three, occupied by Bournemouth, Aston Villa and Norwich before football was halted on the weekend of March 14.

“When we are talking to Premier League clubs and the Premier League itself it’s about finishing this season,” said Bloom, speaking to PA, who also predicts a knock on effect to the next transfer window. “If we get to a situation whereby it’s decided the season can’t be concluded, then we need to have serious conversations about what’s going to happen next season.

“There’s no doubt the actual value of players right now has gone down in all squads.

“That may rebound in a year’s time to something like what it is today, but there’s no doubt if you were going to sell a player in this transfer window coming up and you were expecting to be getting £15m, that you’re going to get less than that. How much less, I have no idea. It depends on who the next few months play out.

“The number one thought in all of our minds needs to be the virus and the effects on the health of the nation. When you are talking about a new mortuary next to the Amex Stadium it really brings it home.”

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