‘He looked like a man possessed.’ Good news for ‘brave’ Norwich City star

Tom Trybull has made a big impression at Carrow Road. Picture: Paul Chesterton/Focus Images Ltd

Tom Trybull has made a big impression at Carrow Road. Picture: Paul Chesterton/Focus Images Ltd

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Norwich City fans can rest easy Tom Trybull will not walk out on the Canaries.

The German midfielder has been a revelation since joining the club on a one-year deal as a free agent in the summer.

Sporting director Stuart Webber confirmed on Thursday City have an option in their favour to keep the 24-year-old at Carrow Road beyond the end of the season.

“We haven’t spoken about the future,” said Webber. “He has done fantastically and proved a really good signing. We have an option on him, yes, which obviously helps us. It is not right to talk about Tom’s contractual situation any more than any player. All I would say is we are fair and if people do well for us then we do pretty well for them. Tom will be no different. It is still early days in his Norwich City career.

“I am sure at some point he will have a dip and when that happens we have to be there to support him and not ridicule him and say it has caught up with him. At the moment he can do no wrong but we have to be ready to protect him.

“Tom’s challenge is can he sustain it? Can he now do it for 40, 50, 60 games? If he does, he’ll grow with us and maybe even beyond us because at 20 he played in the Bundesliga and he possesses all the talent.”

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City head coach Daniel Farke was Trybull’s biggest cheerleader.

“Tom came here on trial. Don’t forget that,” said Webber. “He took on the risks of getting injured or maybe being rejected and then the word goes out he can’t even get into a team in the English second division. He was brave enough to do it and worked unbelievably hard to get himself fit because he didn’t have a pre-season. When he got an opportunity he looked like a man possessed and the players and fans have fed off seeing a guy who is so grateful to have a chance.

“He is lucky he has an outstanding coach who believes in him. Daniel fought for the opportunity for Tom. He came through very much on Daniel’s advice. I like people who are brave and willing to put themselves out of their comfort zone and pretty much beg for an opportunity.

“Now he is getting his rewards. In football sometimes, people believe they are owed a living, but we are fortunate to work in this industry. I think Tom epitomises what we are trying to do as a club. We want people who are hungry, whether you are 24, 29 or in our academy.”

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