‘That was quite a surprise to me’ - Sinani deals with City loan exit

Daniel Sinani is one of Norwich City's young loan contingent Picture: Paul Chesterton/Focus Images

Daniel Sinani is one of Norwich City's young loan contingent Picture: Paul Chesterton/Focus Images

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Norwich City youngster Danel Sinani expected to be part of the Canaries’ Championship promotion push before shipping out on loan to Belgian first division club Waasland-Beveren.

Sinani was part of his new club’s pre-season preparations, after moving from Luxembourg football, but City sanctioned a loan spell for the 23-year-old attacker along with young French midfielder Melvin Sitti.

The Luxembourg international made his Beveren debut last weekend, and revealed the size of Daniel Farke’s squad at present tipped the balance in his quest for first team football.

“That was quite a surprise to me, as far as I am concerned this was not the plan,” he said. “But I didn’t want to end up in a situation where I would barely play. Due to the consequences of the corona crisis, a number of outgoing transfers were not realised at Norwich.

“The squad turned out to be too broad for a season in the Championship. I understood from a conversation with the coach that he wanted to keep me, but that he actually preferred to see me gain experience and playing minutes.”

Sinani was a late substitute in last weekend’s 3-2 away defeat at KFCO that kept Beveren bottom of the early standings in the Belgian top flight.

“I know that this club has had to fight for a few years to survive at the highest level, but I have already been able to determine during the training that there is sufficient quality to get away from the relegation places,” said Sinani, quoted in Belgian newspaper, Het Laatste Nieuws.

“I do feel that many players have doubts in their heads. That is part of this situation, of course. We played a fantastic opening quarter at Beerschot, but as soon as we conceded a goal, you saw the fear creeping into the team. That doubt has to be cleared up.

“I spoke with Laurent Jans for a long time. He has played here for several years and is the captain of my national team, we played about twenty international matches together. Laurent told me many positive things about Waasland-Beveren and Belgian football.”

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