City chief Farke relaxed over Cantwell barbs

PUBLISHED: 16:09 18 April 2019 | UPDATED: 17:01 18 April 2019

Todd Cantwell can count on Daniel Farke's backing at Norwich City Picture: Paul Chesterton/Focus Images Ltd

Todd Cantwell can count on Daniel Farke's backing at Norwich City Picture: Paul Chesterton/Focus Images Ltd

Paul Chesterton

Todd Cantwell should ignore the critics and focus on keeping Daniel Farke happy at Norwich City.

The Dereham-bred attacking prospect took to social media after his display at Wigan came in for criticism from certain sections of the club's fan base.

Farke has no concerns about Cantwell's maturity to handle such negativity, or his ability to be part of the club's Championship promotion push.

City could go up over Easter with six points from two games against Sheffield Wednesday and Stoke or stumbles for their rivals.

“Each player has to handle criticism. The same as a referee, head coach or sporting director,” said Farke.

“You can have an opinion and express it. That is okay. No-one needs to be concerned that we have any players who would crack under such pressure.

“I don't judge a player by a difficult game.

“Emi (Buendia), the last time we lost at Preston, was a bit naive and caused the penalty.

“If I only judged him on that game I would never be allowed to bring him back in the starting line up, but I know he will play many, many minutes in the future.

“It is complicated for a player who had to wait several weeks and then expected to deliver world class performances. Each player needs to find their rhythm, especially younger players. Take Alex Tettey, it might be easier for him to come straight back in. Todd had to wait eight or nine weeks for a chance and I didn't expect him to be there with four goals and five assists. It is a part of the business.

“It is quite normal. When you are winning the amount of games we were and then you only have a couple of draws, people will look for explanations.”

Farke revealed Cantwell was actually a standout performer in one aspect of Norwich's tough 1-1 draw last weekend at Wigan.

“Todd covered more distance than any other player so I was pleased with his workload, even if he didn't create this magic moment. He is a good option,” he said. “In the first minutes he played a fantastic give and go with Onel Hernandez and then the ball arrives at Teemu (Pukki) and he if lays it back Todd has an easy tap in.

“Then a game develops perhaps that fits to Todd's style, who is more able to use his pace and the space.

“Then he is genius with the crucial first goal. In my position it is important to stay calm.”

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