Thanks but no thanks. Why City will be brutal in squad makeover

Patrick Roberts' loan deal failed to pay dividends at Norwich City Picture: Paul Chesterton/Focus Images Ltd

Patrick Roberts' loan deal failed to pay dividends at Norwich City Picture: Paul Chesterton/Focus Images Ltd

Paul Chesterton

Daniel Farke insists there can be no misplaced loyalty as Norwich City embark on a vital squad overhaul.

Stuart Webber made it clear this week the journey is over in the summer for some of the current roster, as City look to refresh the playing staff for the Championship return.

Farke is fully on board and agrees there can be no sentimentality, in what could be a volatile transfer market due to the impact of the pandemic.

“You have to make some tough decisions and bring in fresh blood,” he said. “A natural fluctuation is normal. But a key topic for me is to keep the quality players you can count on, players with a top personality for the club.

“That is also a task. We have so many young players who will improve and can use this season to develop as football players and their personality.

“You always are preparing for the next season and have pictures painted in your head whether we go further on with this player, or how much potential does that player have. Or do we need some changes. It is a process. The next step, the next season.

“Since relegation was confirmed, maybe 2% or 3% of my time is now switched to the new season. We have work going on in the background, conversations with Stuart about potential new players, planning pre-season, what we do with friendlies.

“I think the market won’t be over-heated. Not like the years before. That is definitely a fact but let’s see how long it lasts. It would not be a surprise if by the end of the window you see some crazy money.

“I got the feeling the last year or two it was getting a bit quieter but with the pandemic perhaps even more so.

“For us, I would judge it as more complicated. Many clubs are going to be hit tougher by the financial impact of the pandemic situation.

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