Farke unveils his Premier League plan after signing new City deal

PUBLISHED: 05:55 14 March 2019

Daniel Farke has pledged his longer term future to Norwich City Picture: Paul Chesterton/Focus Images Ltd

Daniel Farke has pledged his longer term future to Norwich City Picture: Paul Chesterton/Focus Images Ltd

Paul Chesterton

Daniel Farke feels Norwich City are already years ahead of his own Premier League schedule but the Canaries’ chief wants to seal the deal this season, after signing a new Carrow Road contract.

Farke, along with three key members of his backroom team, have extended their stay in Norfolk until 2022, which gives the head coach a chance to deliver his top flight vision.

City have got themselves firmly in the Championship promotion race in just his second season in charge - with Wednesday’s 3-2 win over Hull City moving them two points cleear of Leeds - but Farke already has his eyes on a bigger prize.

“Perhaps it is too early to speak about the bigger picture but our target is to help make this club a permanent member of the best 25 teams in the whole country,” he said. “That is my big aim. By that I mean we either hopefully one day play every season in the Premier League and if there is a relegation then we are immediately back in the promotion ranks and we are immediately promoted again.

“That is not easy. You see clubs who get up and can stay one year or to stay longer must spend so much money. Our task is to bring the club to the Premier League and then without spending huge amounts of money to stay there.

“That is about creating a philosophy and atmosphere that gets us to the Premier League but keeps us there. Of course you can get injuries or bad luck that mean you could be relegated in any given season, but if the base is solid then you can come back quickly.

“We felt it would take a few years to attack the Premier League so it is a surprise we have a chance to be there now maybe two or three or four years ahead of schedule.”

Getting those reassurances from the club’s hierarchy was a crucial part of Farke’s willingness to extend his stay.

“I’m over the moon. Totally happy I am allowed to be here in this responsible role for this massive club in the future,” he said. “We were all happy to sign and help further on in this project.

“It is a joy to be allowed to work with the players and the staff and to be responsible for the lads who wear the yellow shirt. I don’t take the trust and support as a given.

“I made it clear from the first time my heart is pretty much yellow.

“A big thank you to our owners, Delia and Michael, because I felt this trust from the start. Of course in the background when these things are being discussed the lawyers have to look at things or the advisors have to look at the details of a contract and that takes time.

“But when the club came to me and said they would like to discuss the contract I made it clear I had loved my time here. It was really an easy decision.”

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