Pride, passion and trust. Farke lays it on the line for City fans

PUBLISHED: 17:25 05 April 2019 | UPDATED: 17:56 05 April 2019

Daniel Farke is appealing to Norwich City fans to play their part against QPR Picture: Paul Chesterton/Focus Images

Daniel Farke is appealing to Norwich City fans to play their part against QPR Picture: Paul Chesterton/Focus Images

Paul Chesterton

Daniel Farke is putting his trust in Norwich City’s fans. Do not let him down.

The Canaries’ chief warned against complacency in the race for promotion ahead of a home Championship double header against lesser lights QPR on Saturday lunchtime and Reading next week.

City have a five-point gap over the chasing pack, with seven league games left, but the road to the Premier League is paved with pitfalls for the Norwich head coach.

“There will be, I am pretty sure, difficult periods in these next seven games, and we need that support again,” he said. “I trust our supporters because you can feel this atmosphere. It is part of the reason why we are successful.

“The players feel this and feel the pride at being allowed to wear this yellow shirt, to fight and struggle for this amazing club and amazing fans.

“I hope they do not have this attitude in these next games that they just want to be entertained, want to see nice periods of football, many goals and an easy win. We are not Manchester City and looking to win 7-0 or 8-0.

“At this stage, let’s not be too over-confident. Let’s keep working in the same spirit. We need this trust in difficult periods.

“Look at the support for the Wigan game. That is brilliant to see and also shows you how much Delia and Michael and the club as a whole value this support. This unity and spirit is so important.

“In the eyes of many we are over-achieving, we are the big surprise, but we have a huge chance in front of us and we need the support.”

Farke’s complacent warning has been directed at his fully-fit squad, ahead of a facing managerless QPR after Steve McClaren’s exit.

“We spoke about this topic a lot,” he said. “In football it never works like painting a picture.

“If I could paint a picture it would always be sunny, beautiful and nice.

“We had two unbelievably difficult away games, either side of the international break, where you are a bit concerned how tough it is to beat a Tony Pulis side.

“QPR is unpredictable because they changed Steve McClaren. We have to be fully concentrated on our processes with the same workload, commitment and desire. If you are just two per cent less you have no chance to win points in this league.

“That has been the topic this week. My feeling is we are not too carried away.”

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