Farke wary of Chelsea backlash

PUBLISHED: 16:58 23 August 2019 | UPDATED: 20:29 23 August 2019

Daniel Farke knows the size of the task against Chelsea Picture: Paul Chesterton/Focus Images Ltd

Daniel Farke knows the size of the task against Chelsea Picture: Paul Chesterton/Focus Images Ltd

Paul Chesterton

Frank Lampard enjoyed his last visit to Carrow Road but Daniel Farke warns Norwich City aim to prolong a winless start to his Chelsea reign in Saturday’s Premier League showdown.

The Blues' legend was the last opposition manager to escape with three league points from Norfolk in a bizarre 4-3 Championship game as Derby County boss back in December 2018 that was interrupted by a late floodlight failure.

Lampard is still awaiting his first victory since returning to Stamford Bridge in the summer but Farke insists the underlying signs are good for the young coach.

"When I judge the first games it is not a question if Frank is going to be successful. It is when," he said. "Hopefully not this weekend. They caused Liverpool an unbelievable amount of problems, in the first half against Leicester they played them off the park.

"There will be a moment when everything comes together and they produce an outstanding result and then I expect a few results like that in a row. That is the danger when you face such a side in this moment.

"It is a bit surprising on one level to be managing such a big club so early in your coaching career but on the other hand it is not a surprise. Frank is a Chelsea legend who has done a really good job in his first coaching year at Derby.

"It might be harder not to have 10 years experience to draw on but I like his style and his work at Derby.

"Who can judge when you are prepared?

"For me, Chelsea feels like a team in transition who want to implement a slightly different style, with a different intensity and younger players. To choose a legend who had won so much and has so much emotion and passion for the club is not a bad choice."

Farke enjoyed his two Championship tussles with Lampard, despite a sour end to that festive home meeting.

"It was entertaining. I hate nothing more than boring football when we speak about a stalemate," he said. "Football is a business and about money and contracts and three points but it is also for fun.

"We play for the fans. The good thing is we don't need the floodlights on a Saturday lunchtime.

"That is the last game we lost at home. It killed us. We were 3-2 up with eight minutes to go or something and then a long break."

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