City stars advised to heed Farke’s food tips

Norwich City's squad have embarked on a spell this month that could shape their Premier League prospects Picture: Paul Chesterton/Focus Images Ltd

Norwich City's squad have embarked on a spell this month that could shape their Premier League prospects Picture: Paul Chesterton/Focus Images Ltd

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Milkshakes and Big Macs look to be off the menu for Norwich City’s squad during a crunch festive Premier League spell.

City head to Southampton on Wednesday for the second of seven league games this month that will shape their top-flight survival quest.

The meticulous Daniel Farke has a reputation for attention to detail, and City's head coach knows what happens off the pitch in the coming weeks is also crucial.

"It is important to be smart in our recovery and to invest a lot in the recovery between games," he said. "That means sleeping well, good nutrition and a focus on the small details. It is not the most important thing in the world but 1pc or 2pc can be important.

"I don't believe in control or being too strict.

"On this level and during this really busy period it is important to be unbelievably professional.

"We work on all the details and that means every topic. It is not just preparing for the opponent but what the players need to support their sleep patterns or nutrition. We provide all the information they need and support but then it is up to the players.

"When they leave the training ground and one minute later they try to find a McDonald's you can't control them and send the police after them. I trust my players.

"Don't get me wrong, there is a time and a place for McDonalds, but perhaps not the best idea to drink four milkshakes three hours before a game.

"When you play on Boxing Day and then again on the 28th, for example, you have to be so careful with your nutrition and what you are doing at home."

Farke's squad have started this pivotal period well with four points from the last two Premier League games.

"We showed we are competitive in the beginning of the season. You have to adapt a bit as a newly promoted side," he said. "We definitely have a chance in each game to win points. On this level if you lose the next match, the world goes down.

"If you win then it seems like we can compete for European positions. We know it's a long road and at this stage we are not too addicted to the league position. When it gets to game 36 you then have a look at the table.

"During the main period of the season the most important thing is to go into each game highly motivated looking to win, and if that's not possible then don't lose."

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