Why ‘crazy’ Hernandez hits the spot for Canaries

PUBLISHED: 08:35 25 October 2019 | UPDATED: 08:35 25 October 2019

Fit-again duo Tom Trybull and Onel Hernandez are back in the mix for Norwich City 
Picture: Paul Chesterton/Focus Images Ltd

Fit-again duo Tom Trybull and Onel Hernandez are back in the mix for Norwich City Picture: Paul Chesterton/Focus Images Ltd

Paul Chesterton

Onel Hernandez has the ‘crazy’ skills Norwich City need to flourish in the Premier League.

The Cuban wide player injected cut and thrust on his first Canaries' outing in more than two months in the goalless draw at Bournemouth.

Daniel Farke had no fears fast-tracking the 26-year-old back into his plans following a layoff from a freak knee injury.

Tom Trybull was another of the walking wounded who made a welcome return, and Farke's squad now looks in far better shape ahead of Manchester United's weekend Carrow Road visit.

"Yes, Onel looked pretty sharp in that 15 minutes. He has this ability with his bravery to create some crazy solutions. He made a big step," said Farke.

"To have that first 10 or 15 under his belt is a big bonus. I was a bit concerned with him and Tom to call upon on them. But those are important minutes as they look to get back in their rhythm.

"My feeling is with more injured players to come back we can improve from day to day. We are not naive, we know on this level we won't gain points every week but if we can have more solutions then we are in a better shape.

"After (Aston) Villa it was a perfect response.

"The fixtures were not easy for us at the start of season. We know conceding three goals a game you can't win anything. We have been praised a lot for our offensive approach but we must be better in defensive situations.

"I am a happy man when we keep a clean sheet but even in the second half at Bournemouth we showed we are not about parking the bus."

Farke must now weigh up whether to make tweaks for United after Marco Stiepermann dropped out of the starting XI on the south-coast.

"We changed our approach slightly to play with three central midfielders, in order to be more solid, to be more compact," he said. "When you have such a heavy defeat you have to work on many topics.

"We had more players available and I wanted us to have a bit more control over the central areas. We decided to play with Moritz Leitner a bit higher than usual, to give us some more steel behind with Alex (Tetttey) and Kenny McLean.

"We obviously have had a hit to the confidence with recent defeats so I felt at the start of the game, particularly, we had to be good defensively."

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