Farke backs Lewis to get over Liverpool saga

PUBLISHED: 17:53 29 August 2020 | UPDATED: 17:57 29 August 2020

Jamal Lewis was tracked by Liverpool but is still a Norwich City player Picture: Paul Chesterton/Focus Images Ltd

Jamal Lewis was tracked by Liverpool but is still a Norwich City player Picture: Paul Chesterton/Focus Images Ltd

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Daniel Farke has no fears Jamal Lewis will be affected by Liverpool’s failed pursuit of the Norwich City left back.

Lewis made his first appearance since a summer transfer saga involving the Reds in City’s goalless pre-season friendly against SV Darmstadt on Saturday to wrap up their German tour.

The Northern Irish international was the subject of a cheeky bid from the Premier League champions swiftly rejected by the Canaries and Farke is not worried about any lingering fallout from missing out on joining Jurgen Klopp’s squad.

“We spoke after the season finished about this very topic,” said Farke. “I told all of them there would be a lot of speculation and they would be linked to other clubs. Sometimes there is something in it, sometimes not. But I told him I will treat him no differently.

“They are our players, we need them. I said if it was down to me I wouldn’t sell them for £100m.

“But I am not naive, the club may have to make decisions in the best interests of the club, but if it was down to me I wouldn’t sell. So the relationship with them is good.

“Jamal since he came back from the summer break has been fantastic. There can be a hangover from a disappointing end to the season but not with this young man.

“When I think of the rumours around Max, Ben and Todd as well it is not a topic within the group between us.

“Of course, Jamal was in the spotlight with Liverpool but we haven’t had to speak about it because he has been top class in his behaviour.”

Lewis had to overcome early pre-season niggles before making his return but will now miss a return to hometown club Luton in the League Cup to link up Northern Ireland for upcoming Nations League games.

“It was tricky for him. He had a short summer break and he is back only in team training for two days.

“This was more or less the last time to give him minutes so I was delighted he got 70 in this game,” said Farke. “He looked quite sharp. There was a lot of action on his wing in the first half.

“After a long break he wasn’t going to be world class in every moment but very solid.”

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