‘No never. I was always realistic’ - Farke never feared the sack in tough times

Daniel Farke is now mixing it with the very best at Norwich City in the Premier League 
Picture: Paul Chesterton/Focus Images Ltd

Daniel Farke is now mixing it with the very best at Norwich City in the Premier League Picture: Paul Chesterton/Focus Images Ltd

Paul Chesterton

Daniel Farke has never once feared for his job at Norwich City as he prepares to bring up a century of league games at Carrow Road.

Aston Villa's Premier League visit will be Farke's 100th league match in charge since taking over in 2017.

The German finished below bitter rivals Ipswich in his debut campaign, but insisted he never felt under any pressure before plotting a surprise Championship title triumph.

"No never. I was always realistic," he said. "That was one of the key reasons I wanted to sign because I liked my conversations with the board, their vision of how we should develop the club, and to have that trust.

"I also got the feeling it was the biggest challenge, and you sometimes search for that as a coach.

"I knew it was a big task and that we couldn't just press a button and from the first second we would be winning games and there would be no difficult periods. Of course I knew they would come but even in those periods I always felt the trust and the support and if I'm really honest I never had general doubts.

"When I look back at an unbelievably difficult situation for the club they showed this trust to appoint a head coach who comes from abroad - I think it was a first appointment from outside the United Kingdom - and I was not a native speaker either yet they allowed me to work in this responsible role."

Farke's success at Carrow Road saw him sign a new longer term deal, along with his backroom staff, keeping them in Norfolk until 2022. Such longevity at the top of English football already makes him one of the survivors in a volatile profession.

"It's really a great achievement and like I said I'm really thankful to be here for 100 league games," he said.

"You have periods when the wind is a bit in your face but I felt really from the first day unbelievable trust and support from all our key people and also that everyone wants to succeed and to be successful in the way we work.

"You can sign a long term contract but it is never a given in this type of role nowadays.

"In days gone by you had Sir Alex Ferguson or Arsene Wenger there for a pretty long time but it's not that often coaches are allowed to have 100 games in a row for such a such a big and amazing club and a club with ambitions."

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