WATCH: Daniel Farke’s verdict on every injured Norwich City player

PUBLISHED: 15:31 13 September 2019 | UPDATED: 01:25 14 September 2019

Daniel Farke has huge selection dilemmas for depleted Norwich City against Manchester City 
Picture: Paul Chesterton/Focus Images Ltd

Daniel Farke has huge selection dilemmas for depleted Norwich City against Manchester City Picture: Paul Chesterton/Focus Images Ltd

Paul Chesterton

Daniel Farke had plenty of bad injury news for Norwich City fans ahead of Saturday’s Premier League game against champions Manchester City at Carrow Road.

The Canaries' have a catalogue of injuries, fitness doubts and an ineligible player in Patrick Roberts this weekend against his parent club. Here was Farke's full verdict from his pre-match press call at Colney.


- Timm Klose (knee)

I can confirm he doesn't need a surgery. That is more or less the good news. It won't reduce the time he is out that much. Perhaps instead of nine months it could be one or two months less but the whole season.

- Max Aarons (ankle)

Wearing a boot right now. Out until the next international break.

- Christoph Zimmermann (foot)

Out until January. That is for sure. He got a hit on his foot. The ankle is okay. The ligaments are okay but there was so much energy on his foot in that challenge the ligaments in that area is damaged. If I am honest in the beginning we were concerned if it was any worse then it could be his whole career. It is still bad luck. Out for two months, then 25 minutes on the pitch, then out until January. That is the reality.

- Tom Trybull (ankle)

Damaged it in the last 20 minutes or so at West Ham. So we played more or less with one less player. We substituted our third player more or less a minute before he did this. Out until the next international break. Six weeks or so.

- Moritz Leitner (calf)

Not available for this weekend. Got a hit on his calf at West Ham. We have tried everything but there is still fluid in the calf and he has not been able to train the last two weeks. The West Ham game was not just the result but the outcome in terms of horrible injuries.

- Mario Vrancic (calf)

Not available either. He over-stretched his calf in training on Thursday and has a strain. No chance for this weekend.

- Onel Hernandez (knee)

He continues his rehab. But another who won't be back before the international break.


- Ben Godfrey (groin)

He came back from the internationals with a groin problem. Major doubt for Saturday. He was on the training pitch on Friday but with heavy tape. A late decision.

- Tim Krul (elbow)

He over-stretched his elbow in our latest session with a strike against his arm. I would say a little doubt but I would not expect him to be out.

- Grant Hanley (groin)

Not available for the starting line up. Out for more or less two weeks. Returned to team training on Friday. His first session so we have to wait how his body reacts. I hope he is an option for Saturday and maybe 20 or 30 minutes on the bench.


- Patrick Roberts

Not allowed to play as he is on loan from Manchester City.

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