Farke maps out his transfer aims for Norwich City

Daniel Farke and Stuart Webber will strive to equip Norwich City for the Premier League Picture: Paul Chesterton/Focus Images Ltd

Daniel Farke and Stuart Webber will strive to equip Norwich City for the Premier League Picture: Paul Chesterton/Focus Images Ltd

Paul Chesterton

Daniel Farke insists Norwich City’s transfer strategy gives them the best chance of defying the odds in the Premier League.

City have already been linked with dozens of potential targets since the end of the season, as sporting director Stuart Webber strives to bolster Farke's title-winning squad.

The head coach knows the Canaries will be heavily tipped to make an instant return to the Championship, but he is not about to abandon the philosophy that sealed a remarkable promotion.

"The last two transfer windows we have had to do a lot of work. We have all our key players under contract. It is not like we need to sign 15 players or do an unbelievable amount of business," said Farke.

"We are in a good shape. It is more about planning what players we can bring in and what is possible. My feeling is we are in a good place and I trust Stuart and I am convinced we will have a competitive group of players.

"We will stick to our plans and principles. We know where we are in terms of spending money and salaries. We will try to work with the tools we have. That is no guarantee, but there is no other option. We won't risk the long term future of the club."

Farke warns City must not fall into the trap of trying to copy the likes of Burnley, Fulham or Huddersfield, who have had varying success trying to bridge the gap.

"Don't compare us with other clubs. Each club must follow its own example," he said. "We have to stay in the Premier League with our identity.

"We must not lose our nerve and just sign experienced players for a lot of money, and we can stay up for maybe a year and the second one we are relegated, and then we are under the same pressure as before and have to sell your best players.

"No, stick to your principles and be cool. We can't just sign expensive players.

"It is easier when you are successful to keep the spirit and togetherness, less so when you are not. I don't think we will have more than 90 points in the Premier League, but we must protect what we have achieved. Last season we could answer a loss with a win.

"That will not be as easy. We might go four or five without a win but you have to ignore the noise.

"I made it clear when I signed a new deal the aim has to be establishing Norwich among the best 25 clubs in the country."

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