Farke reveals why he is fired up for Championship crusade

Daniel Farke knows what is expected for Norwich City back in the Championship Picture: Paul Chesterton/Focus Images Ltd

Daniel Farke knows what is expected for Norwich City back in the Championship Picture: Paul Chesterton/Focus Images Ltd

Paul Chesterton

Pressure comes with the job but Daniel Farke is ready for Norwich City’s Championship assault.

Farke and his coaches had a bruising tilt at the Premier League, but the German is refreshed and ready to lead from the front ahead of Saturday’s big kick off at Huddersfield.

City dropped out of the top flight on the back of a club record number of consecutive league defeats, and Farke is using the bitter experience of relegation to drive himself on.

“If anything it is easier to find the motivation when you have had a setback and you want to fight back with your team. I know how huge the task is,” he said. “I can speak for my whole coaching staff and promise we are highly motivated to make sure that we have a good season.

“Let’s see how far we can come.

“We know at the start with a short pre-season it will be tough to be spot on from the first game day.

“I want to take us back to the Premier League sooner rather than later. I am also fully aware how difficult it is to be successful the season after relegation. I am here in England three and a half years and in that time not one relegated side got automatic promotion the following season.

“Some of these teams are no longer in the Championship but lower. Only Fulham was able to get promoted and they had to fight until the last second in extra-time of the play-off final; having been written off.

“So one team out of nine clubs who were relegated tells you the size of the task.”

Farke is ruling out any top flight hangover in the weeks ahead.

“Each and every season is exhausting for a coach. Whether you are successful, like the season we won the title, or not. There is always lots of pressure,” he said. “I needed a break after we won the title and the same was true to come back highly motivated and refreshed this summer.

“It was demanding, without any doubt, not just the season but the whole Covid situation - when you didn’t know when or if we would return.

“Then we had a positive test around Marco Stiepermann and you are trying to manage the impact on the rest of the group.

“But it wasn’t more exhausting than my first season, when we had to deal with the financial issues and as a new coach you have to convince people.

“I am experienced enough to handle the situation.”

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