Tearful Buendia paying a heavy price insists Farke

Norwich City attacker Emi Buendia was red carded for a lunge on QPR's Josh Scowen Picture: Paul Chesterton/Focus Images Ltd

Norwich City attacker Emi Buendia was red carded for a lunge on QPR's Josh Scowen Picture: Paul Chesterton/Focus Images Ltd

Paul Chesterton

Emi Buendia has taken his three game ban very hard, admitted Norwich City boss Daniel Farke.

The midfield maestro was in tears after Saturday’s 4-0 Championship win over QPR, following his late red card for a lunging challenge on Josh Scowen.

Buendia’s ban was confirmed by the FA on Monday, meaning he will miss what could be the defining part of the Canaries’ promotion push.

“He was unbelievably disappointed and in tears after the game. You know the South American lads, they are always a bit emotional,” said Farke, speaking at Colney on Tuesday afternoon ahead of Reading’s midweek visit. “The most important thing for them is to play football. He stood up and apologised to the group after the game that he was too naïve and left the other lads to run and struggle for the final 20 minutes to make sure we won the game.

“He was also asking, ‘Why did I get this red card?’ when he tried to win the ball and now he has to miss three games. He is always in a good mood but let me tell you for the last two days the sun has not been shining.

“He worked so hard to be allowed to join us during this crucial period and when you are not allowed to help your team mates it is hard to take for such a young player.

“You never know when you next play for a title. I don’t want to talk too much about sympathy because he has to learn and he will but give him a red card, maybe ban him for one more game, but to leave him out for three games is too harsh.”

Farke confirmed there was no right of appeal, following Buendia’s dismissal for serious foul play.

“No chance to appeal it because of the category of dangerous tackle. It is automatically a three-game ban,” he said. “Listen we accept it, we are respectful but it is hard to accept. I don’t want to blame anyone. I understand why the referee and the EFL make this decision. The referee, on the day, and the EFL to protect their officials. But a three game ban disappoints me.

“If you look at the incident in isolation then of course you see why it was a red. The player was emotional, he came in with too much speed. But in terms of the outcome from there, when I judge the red in the context of the game there was other tackles. In the last minute a tackle on Todd Cantwell from behind and he still now has bloody stripes on his calf.

“My feeling is a tackle from behind when you don’t see the opponent coming is even more dangerous. Emi did not touch the opponent. One gets a yellow and one a red. Even seconds before Emi’s foul there was a tackle on Max Aarons which was not that different. It was not the biggest consistency.

“If you look at it the assistant makes the decision and he is in front of 1,000 QPR fans and the QPR players are trying to make more of the situation. Maybe he was influenced. I am not accusing him but it is normal for a human being. It was too strict for me.

“The second thing is the outcome. Is it really right to categorise some fouls in this way? In different countries a group of experts might come together and look at the situation and the circumstances. To ban him for three games is not a fair outcome.

“Was he emotional? Yes. Was it the first time he reacted? Yes. Was he provoked? Yes. Put the Norwich City or the Leeds or Sheffield United glasses to one side and you must say this is not right.”

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