‘We left our hearts out on the pitch’ - Injuries and a ban add to Farke’s woes after United exit

PUBLISHED: 00:01 28 June 2020 | UPDATED: 09:18 28 June 2020

Harry Maguire's winner deep into extra-time sealed Norwich City's FA Cup fate  Picture: Paul Chesterton/Focus Images Ltd

Harry Maguire's winner deep into extra-time sealed Norwich City's FA Cup fate Picture: Paul Chesterton/Focus Images Ltd

Paul Chesterton

Daniel Farke will mull over the by-products of a heart-breaking FA Cup quarter-final extra-time 2-1 defeat for 10-man Norwich City before worrying about picking up the pieces for the upcoming Premier League trip to Arsenal.

Both Todd Cantwell (abductor) and Lukas Rupp (hip) went off injured and Timm Klose will be suspended for the Emirates after his red card in a battling display from the Canaries.

Harry Maguire pounced deep in extra-time after Cantwell had cancelled out Odion Ighalo’s second half close range finish.

“Football can be cruel sometimes. Maybe the cruellest sport,” he said. “I think the lads left their hearts out on the pitch. Even with 10 on the pitch we looked like we could win it in normal time. An unbelievable performance in terms of defensive structure, discipline and we carried a threat on the counter.

“The red card changes the game. I’ll leave that with the officials. If they think it was a red card then I accept. Then we were not able to create chances and we were under more pressure.

“We didn’t manage to clear the ball at the end and it drops at Harry Maguire’s feet in our box. A cruel outcome.”

Both Cantwell and Rupp face a race against time to make City’s next Premier League game. Farke felt both were excellent against the Reds before they were forced off.

“Todd was moaning during the second half about some problems with his abductor,” said Farke. “I hope it is not too bad. He felt it a bit and after he delivered such a good performance I hope he is available for the next game.

“Lukas had a fantastic performance and we have to wait over the next few days. He had some problems with his hip. He felt it about 10 minutes from half-time. I thought it was his best performance since he came here. I wanted him on the pitch because he was so crucial to how we wanted to press the play, many defensive situations he did well. I don’t think it is too bad and we got him off before he could do any major damage.

“For the league, this was probably the worst possible outcome. To play 120 minutes, some of that with 10 men, and then to lose the game. We have to be so careful now with the workload.”

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