Farke reveals what would really trouble him about City’s struggles

Daniel Farke saw enough reasons for optimism in defeat at Southampton
 Picture: Paul Chesterton/Focus Images Ltd

Daniel Farke saw enough reasons for optimism in defeat at Southampton Picture: Paul Chesterton/Focus Images Ltd

Paul Chesterton

Daniel Farke will employ the carrot rather than the stick to get Norwich City ready for Sheffield United’s Premier League visit.

Farke accused his team of lacking bravery and being bullied on set pieces in Southampton's 2-1 midweek defeat.

But the City head coach saw enough in the second half response not to fear the Blades' Sunday test at Carrow Road.

"We are not Liverpool or Manchester City. They can probably have a slow start for 20 or 30 minutes and react. They have unbelievable quality," he said. "We are still a newly promoted side who have not spent any money so in each and every second at this level we must be at our best.

"We had several periods in the second half when we did that. We are realistic and honest.

"We told everyone before the season this would be a difficult challenge.

"I would be concerned if we didn't show any reaction, but this was a great reaction. I am just annoyed with the first half that we did not stick to our guns. It is important not to criticise them too much. It would be a better lesson if we had managed to come back in the second half.

"We will speak about this and I will criticise them for the first half but also give them credit for the second half."

Another goal for Teemu Pukki and Alex Tettey's soothing presence following his half-time introduction were the big positives for Farke.

"It is always good when your strikers are in good shape. Good for the next games," he said. "We needed to bring the game more into the opponent's half and get players nearer Teemu because he is always smart and dangerous with his movement.

"In that first half we just played long balls and in terms of winning headers he is not the best, but we have to play those penetrating passes. That was the plan in the first half but we weren't brave enough.

"Alex showed his importance but it was too big a risk to play him from the start. We spoke in the morning of the game and he had an issue with his quad and wasn't sure if he could sprint flat out but at half-time the risk was worth taking.

"He helped us stabilise our game but I felt the whole team showed character. We now have a home game and if we carry on in the way we finished this game then we have every chance of a win. It is not Southampton played us out of the park. We were just bullied."

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