Farke backs Tim Krul to win over Canaries’ critics

Tim Krul can count on Daniel Farke's backing after his midweek error 
Picture: Paul Chesterton/Focus Images Ltd

Tim Krul can count on Daniel Farke's backing after his midweek error Picture: Paul Chesterton/Focus Images Ltd

Paul Chesterton

Tim Krul is vital to Norwich City’s swashbuckling shot at Championship promotion.

Daniel Farke added his voice to Stuart Webber’s staunch defence of the Canaries’ number one, after the keeper’s gaffe in the midweek 3-2 win against Hull City.

Krul was the subject of ironic cheers from some home fans following his miscued clearance, which gifted the Tigers a goal.

That prompted Webber to label him Norwich’s best signing this season, and Farke insists the Dutch international makes the rest of his team tick.

“If we had a keeper who put the ball in the stand or the river or just did big kicks we could not play with Teemu Pukki or Emi Buendia or Onel Hernandez,” he said.

“They are not going to win headers. He fits to our style. I agree with Stuart. Tim Krul has been outstanding in many topics. With a young side it is so important to have a leader in the dressing room, especially with a young defence.

“Plus the style he plays is so vital.

“We need a keeper who is willing and who is brave enough to use the ball at his feet to bypass the pressing of the opponent, and to build up the short passes.

“He made it clear after being out for nearly 18 months he had a shaky start at Norwich but he has made some brilliant saves.

“The goal the other night was a bad first touch and he had to put the ball away in a hectic manner, but if a bad first touch in one example is the only thing we are talking about over a number of weeks then things are not too bad.

“Tim will be outstanding in the next weeks, but we won that game so we can accept.”

Farke understood the frustration of some fans at Carrow Road.

“My first thought after Tim made this mistake was I was annoyed,” he said. “I can’t accuse him because we want him to play like this. If I ask them to be brave and play football and it helps us in so many games but it doesn’t work once then I won’t accuse them.

“Teemu is the best finisher in the league, for me, but against Hull he could have had more goals. Tom Trybull, there is a song about how he never gives the ball away. But he does once or twice.

“You get mistakes, you must accept them but we must have this unity.

“We need to stick together, as players and in the stadium. My feeling is the fans our outstanding so I can live with one or two times when they are frustrated.”

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