Over to you Leeds and Sheffield United. But Farke will not be watching

Norwich City boss Daniel Farke and his Norwich backroom team celebrate a 1-0 Championship win over Swansea City Picture: Paul Chesterton/Focus Images

Norwich City boss Daniel Farke and his Norwich backroom team celebrate a 1-0 Championship win over Swansea City Picture: Paul Chesterton/Focus Images

Paul Chesterton

Daniel Farke joked he might put his feet up on the sofa on Saturday but only to watch Norwich City’s next opponents, not their title rivals, after Friday night’s 1-0 Championship win over Swansea City moved them five points clear.

Both Leeds and Sheffield United must respond but Farke is more interested in how Hull City get on, ahead of their upcoming league trip to Carrow Road after Emi Buendia’s stunning strike sunk the Swans.

“I don’t care what happens. I am just so proud of my lads that we could beat a fantastic Swansea,” he said. “We are all happy to have another three points and perhaps on Monday evening we can watch the table and see what it means.

“The most important thing is to concentrate on ourselves.

“I will be at the training ground and I don’t know if I will be at home with my feet on the sofa when the Championship games are on. We will have an eye on it but also Hull because they are the next topic and we are more concentrated on them. Perhaps when the international break comes we can look at the table and analyse everything.

“This was a brilliant win against for me a fantastic Swansea side, in terms of possession, their structure, their build up, by far the best team we have played in recent months and that is a big compliment to Graham (Potter) and to all his lads.

“They were fantastic in this game but we were able to find solutions in bringing our performance level in the second half on a different level. Hard-fought but I am absolutely delighted we could win this complicated game.”

Farke savoured Buendia’s rising match-winning strike.

“On a top class, tactical level these games are sometimes not so entertaining. So you have to use your chances,” he said. “Teemu (Pukki) missed some chances but the strike from Emi was brilliant. The whole build up and the structure was very good as well.

“Onel (Hernandez) was there with a good movement and played the ball at exactly the right moment and a brilliant finish from Emi. A stunning strike.

“It is a sign of his quality because he had more impressive games in recent weeks but in such a game with this end product it is a sign of class and quality and we are happy we have him.

“Is it the best? All our 72 goals are the best for me. We have had unbelievable team goals, stunning strikes like this one, set pieces. When you want to be top of the table you have to be dangerous from all situations. Was it the best? Definitely. The last one is always the best.”

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