Farke dismisses ‘crazy’ Pukki talk

PUBLISHED: 23:20 19 October 2020 | UPDATED: 23:25 19 October 2020

Daniel Farke is keen to manage Teemu Pukki's workload at Norwich City 
Picture: Paul Chesterton/Focus Images Ltd

Daniel Farke is keen to manage Teemu Pukki's workload at Norwich City Picture: Paul Chesterton/Focus Images Ltd

Paul Chesterton

Daniel Farke feels it is ‘absolutely crazy’ to doubt Teemu Pukki’s value to the Norwich City cause.

Jordan Hugill was preferred for the Championship comeback win at Rotherham, and justified Farke’s faith with a 95th match winner from the penalty spot.

Pukki made a late cameo from the bench after another gruelling international period for Finland, and Farke is looking at the bigger picture.

“We don’t have to discuss Teemu. He is still one of the best in this league.

“We don’t have to speak about his quality or to doubt him or his value to us,” he said. “That would be absolutely crazy. He has probably played more football than anyone in English football in the past two seasons and scored maybe 40 league goals.

“He won the golden boot at this level two seasons ago and was rated the best Championship player against players like Jack Grealish.

“He brought Finland to the Euros and scored double figures in the Premier League.

“You could feel he was bit tired towards the end of last season but he won us the game at Huddersfield with his turnover and then unselfish pass to Adam (Idah), he won the point against Preston. He had the penalty situation at Derby but these things can happen. Let’s not doubt his fire.”

Farke expects Hugill and Idah to ease the burden on the Finn.

“My task right now is to keep him fresh,” said the City chief, speaking at his pre-match press call ahead of Birmingham’s midweek visit. “He is not 18 any more and I will go on with this approach over the whole season.

“It is not important for me if he wins the golden boot again.

“He doesn’t have to prove anything. Of course it is more likely he can score 30 goals if he is on the pitch each and every minute but whether it is 30 or 10 goals, and the other boys do the same, I trust Jordan, Adam and Teemu to ensure we finish in a top position. We need Teemu.

“He is so valuable to us and one of the best strikers in this league.

“This season we had no proper pre-season and because he is a superstar in Finland he will also play each and every game for his country. He had this delayed return over the last international break.

“So until next summer, when the Euros come around, he might have to play every three days. If I can give him some rest I will.”

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