Warnock tips City for the Premier League - after Farke learns his lesson

Cardiff City boss Neil Warnock is a big fan of Daniel Farke's work at Championship leaders Norwich City Picture: Paul Chesterton/Focus Images Ltd

Cardiff City boss Neil Warnock is a big fan of Daniel Farke's work at Championship leaders Norwich City Picture: Paul Chesterton/Focus Images Ltd

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Norwich City have got Neil Warnock’s vote to follow his Cardiff City to the Premier League - now Daniel Farke has found a plan B.

Warnock is trying to defy the odds at the Bluebirds and stay up after a surprise Championship promotion success 12 months ago.

The experienced manager is tipping the Canaries and his old club Sheffield United to see off the challenge of Leeds in the race for automatic promotion.

“I like Daniel. I have always like Daniel. I think he is level headed,” he said.

“Sometimes he doesn’t have a plan B, but he has learned a lot in his time and I think they have that now. They have won a few games very scruffily. That is what you have to do.

“Chris (Wilder), last year, I thought they were one of the best we played.

“He has a way that is very difficult to play against and he has improved the squad. He took (Gary) Madine off us and brought one or two in as well.

“I think they will be very difficult to push out of the top two now. Leeds have a bit of a soft belly, defensively, when they are under pressure, in comparison to the other two. But what a club.

“They are so desperate to get back in the league.”

Warnock recruited Josh Murphy last summer for a tilt at top flight survival and the Bluebirds remain firmly in the mix to avoid relegation.

“We were supposed to be also rans but we are giving the rest a fight and making just one or two above us worry a little more than they should be doing,” he said, speaking on Talksport.

“I don’t think anybody is really safe. Maybe they are hoping we plummet. Fulham is a fabulous club but it just shows you. They have spent something like £125m and we have spent £25m.

“I didn’t realise just how good the top four or five are in this league. They have gone leap years ahead of anybody.

“In the past you always thought we could squeeze a result out but not very often now do you see the likes of Manchester City or Liverpool losing to a team in the bottom half; the pace and power of these players.

“We played Manchester City early on and we were playing really well after about 20, 25 minutes, 0-0, and then the whistle goes at half-time and we are 3-0 down. Some of these lads cost £40m or £50m but it is a fabulous league.”

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