City’s pursuit of Dennis Man is over

Norwich City's interest in Romanian winger Dennis Man is over Picture: Nick Potts/PA Wire

Norwich City's interest in Romanian winger Dennis Man is over Picture: Nick Potts/PA Wire

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Norwich City have NOT revived their interest in Dennis Man – despite fresh claims of a €9m bid for the Steaua Bucharest youngster.

Steaua’s colourful owner, Gigi Becali, told Romanian sports television station Digi Sport on Wednesday there was an ‘improved offer’ on the table from the relegated Premier League club.

Stuart Webber held talks with both Steaua’s top brass and the player’s representatives on a recent fact-finding trip, but with the two clubs wildly apart in their respective valuations, Norwich moved on to other targets.

Danish midfielder Jacob Soresen and Polish winger Przemyslaw Placheta were unveiled in recent days, as City plot a promotion push from the Championship.

Man has also been touted with clubs in Italy and France, with AS Monaco reportedly weighing up an offer that could rise to €15m for the highly-rated prospect, who scored the winner for Steaua in Wednesday’s Romanian cup final 1-0 win over Sepsi.

Becali told Digi Sport the total package Norwich offered could reach €24m, with extensive add ons included.

Webber, speaking recently at Colney, expressed his disappointment City’s initial interest was made public.

“I pop to Romania on holiday and the next thing I know it is being reported I am in the house of a football club owner and a very good player,” he said. “I can’t add too much to what has already been put out there.

“I am really disappointed it has come out. I don’t believe in doing business that way and I won’t give him the satisfaction of saying anything they can take and run with.”

The transfer window officially opens on Monday.

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