‘We’ve lacked a bit of grit and strength in the middle’ - Canaries fans react to Sørensen signing

PUBLISHED: 17:17 20 July 2020 | UPDATED: 17:34 20 July 2020

Jacob 'Lungi' Sørensen Picture: Jason Dawson/Norwich City FC

Jacob 'Lungi' Sørensen Picture: Jason Dawson/Norwich City FC

JASON DAWSON ©Jason Dawson

The disappointment of the Premier League season may not be over yet but the arrival of midfielder Jacob Sørensen has allowed Norwich City fans to start turning their attentions to an imminent Championship rebuild.

The 22-year-old has been announced as the second signing of the summer window, following the announcement that Luxembourg forward Danel Sinani had signed a pre-contract agreement back in April.

Like Sinani, the Danish midfielder has signed a contract until 2023, but an undisclosed fee has been spent to secure his services from Esbjerg.

The Denmark Under-21 international has made the first big move away from his hometown club and is set to be a part of Daniel Farke’s squad in the Championship next season.

A defensive midfielder who can also play at centre-back, Sørensen will be able to learn from the experience of Alex Tettey as a midfield battler, with Louis Thompson and new signing Melvin Sitti among those potentially in the mix for a more defensive midfield role next season.

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