‘It is more a problem for him’ - Daniel Farke lays down the law to Tottenham starlet

PUBLISHED: 15:29 26 January 2018 | UPDATED: 16:19 26 January 2018

Tottenham youngster Marcus Edwards has work to do to force his way into Daniel Farke's first XI. Picture: PA

Tottenham youngster Marcus Edwards has work to do to force his way into Daniel Farke's first XI. Picture: PA

PA Archive/PA Images

Marcus Edwards will not force his way into Daniel Farke’s Norwich City line up until he improves his attitude and all-round game.

The highly-rated teenage midfielder has publicly been told to ‘grow up’ by Spurs’ chief Mauricio Pochettino after failing to continue his meteoric rise through the ranks at White Hart Lane, and Farke echoed the same tough love message on Friday afternoon.

“There is no pressure on this signing. If it works, we can have some fun with him. If not, it is more a problem for Marcus,” he said, with Edwards not in the German’s plans for Saturday’s Championship trip to Brentford. “There is no doubt with the ball he is one of our best players. But without it, he has to grow up a bit.

“That was the reason he didn’t play for Tottenham.

“They have a good squad but he is still one of the best there with the ball. He has to be more grown up in his attitude.

“We got the feeling we could take him because there is no financial risk with a loan. We have really good conditions and we can only win.

“If he is able to grow up pretty soon we have one of the best players in the Championship. 100pc.

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“His potential is so highly rated, one of the best in Europe. If he needs a bit longer then no problem. It is more a problem for him.

“Then he would return to Tottenham without any time on the pitch. We will give him all our support and this week he was pretty disciplined and concentrated but it is a little bit early to bring him into the squad.

“He needs to learn a little bit more and he is more grown up in his attitude on the pitch and in his behaviour. It is up to him. We give him all the support and trust and then he must go through the door. We can’t carry him.”

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