‘I have to accept it’ - Daniel Farke on Alex Pritchard’s Norwich City exit

PUBLISHED: 15:11 12 January 2018 | UPDATED: 16:08 12 January 2018

Alex Pritchard has left Norwich City for Premier League Huddersfield. 
Picture: Paul Chesterton/Focus Images

Alex Pritchard has left Norwich City for Premier League Huddersfield. Picture: Paul Chesterton/Focus Images

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Daniel Farke did not want to lose key midfielder Alex Pritchard - but understands the stark financial reality at Carrow Road.

Pritchard completed his move to Huddersfield on Friday lunchtime for an undisclosed fee, reportedly in the region of £11m.

Farke confirmed at Colney barely an hour later, during his pre-match press call ahead of the trip to Bristol City, he was fully consulted by the club’s sporting director and board before the 24-year-old was offloaded to the Terriers.

Pritchard’s desire to seal a top flight return was another key factor in the final decision.

“He made his move to Huddersfield. We have to accept this,” he said. “For sure, I am disappointed to lose one of my key players but he made it clear in the last few days it was his wish to move.

“He wants to take this chance to go to the Premier League. It is not for me to judge him. I gave my thoughts as a head coach to the club, the sporting director has his thoughts and then it is up to the board.

“The club had to decide to agree to the offer or not. That was the club’s decision. It is not up to me to make this decision.

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“The club is not here to make me happy. It is the other way around. I am here to make the club happy and to bring the club success.

“It is up to me to find some solutions to be successful.

“You can imagine what I think as a head coach if you ask me, ‘Do you want to work further on with Alex Pritchard or not?’ From the sporting side it is obvious what I think but I also keep in mind this is not an easy decision for the most important people in the club.

“No-one at Norwich City is happy Alex has left the club but we have to regard the whole picture. From the sporting side and the financial side, and also the player’s wishes.

“I gave my thoughts 100pc to the most important people in the club. The club made it clear a few weeks ago we have to handle the longer term financial situation, so when there is an offer the people making these decisions have to think about now and the future. I have to accept it.

“The club won’t buy a player I don’t want. That is quite important as a head coach. When there is a decision from the financial point of view, in regards selling a player, then it is important there is trust between the board, sporting director and head coach and we have an unbelievable relationship.”

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