Hanley’s debt to City staff for getting in top top shape

Grant Hanley was eyeing a Scotland recall after his impressive Norwich City form 
Picture: Paul Chesterton/Focus Images Ltd

Grant Hanley was eyeing a Scotland recall after his impressive Norwich City form Picture: Paul Chesterton/Focus Images Ltd

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Norwich City captain Grant Hanley wants to make the most of his peak years for club and country.

The powerhouse centre back looked to have put his injury issues behind him during an impressive recent run for the Canaries that was poised to earn him a Scotland recall for a Euro2020 play-off tie this month.

Scotland boss Steve Clarke watched Hanley at Carrow Road against Liverpool and a long-awaited return to the international scene would complete the circle.

But for now Hanley, like the rest of football, must wait to resume playing with society dealing with a global pandemic.

“Every player realises there are more important things going on in life both here and around the world at the moment to focus upon right now. That goes without saying,” he said. “I was hoping to help and play a part. It can come across as a bit of a cliche, but playing for country is what you grow up wanting to do.

“I’m not saying that I am getting close to finishing, but as you get older, you do appreciate it more and more and you have to try and take every chance that comes your way. Playing for Scotland has been a big part of my career. It’s something I’ll look back upon and be proud of, but I want to keep pushing on for more if I can.”

Hanley credits a gruelling training regime for his club and a willingness to embrace modern methods for getting him in shape.

“There’s more information available and my eyes have been opened at Norwich with how hard we train,” he said, speaking to the Daily Record. “We train so hard you’d almost rather have a game. On days like Tuesday and Wednesday, which used to be quieter earlier in my career, we can have double sessions. It’s changed and it’s for the better. There is so much more information around now and it’s up to a player now to select which works best for them.

“I’d think to think I am mature enough to do the right things now and you have to because everyone you face these days is an athlete. You have to keep up with the pace and be as fit, as fast and as strong as you’ve ever been.

“On the pitch, you are always learning. Off it, there is definitely so much around the game right now with sports science and nutrition which can help you play stronger for longer.”

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