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PUBLISHED: 12:34 03 October 2006 | UPDATED: 09:42 14 September 2010


Martin Hunter's application for the post of Norwich City manager will be welcomed by club officials. First team coach Hunter has been appointed caretaker boss while the Canaries search for a permanent replacement for Nigel Worthington.

Martin Hunter's application for the post of Norwich City manager will be welcomed by club officials.

First team coach Hunter has been appointed caretaker boss while the Canaries search for a permanent replacement for Nigel Worthington.

Chief executive Neil Doncaster, addressing a Press conference at Carrow Road yesterday with majority shareholders Michael Wynn Jones and Delia Smith, said the process of finding a new manager was already under way.

And Doncaster said: “Martin is welcome to throw his hat in the ring. He is caretaker manager and I don't think we would want to discourage him from anything that he feels he wants to do. At the same time the board has identified the attributes it wants for the next Norwich City manager and everyone who applies will be considered against those criteria.”

Confirming his interest in the job, Hunter said: “I've obviously got quite a bit of experience now and, given the opportunity, I will give it my best shot.

“But the first thing is getting our preparations right for the game with Queen's Park Rangers. Without boring you with old clichés, it will obviously be one game at a time and in the meantime the board will deal with the applications as they come in.

“It's a great challenge and one I am looking forward to. We will start training again on Wednesday with the players and will get back to working hard on a daily basis and being as professional as we can. That is what we are employed to do and that is what we have got to do.”

Hunter will take charge of the Canaries for the first time tomorrow night when they play King's Lynn at The Walks in a benefit game for injured midfielder Shaun Carey.

Doncaster declined to discuss names or a timescale for the appointment when he said: “I'm not going to speculate about who might be considered. I'm not going to speculate about what the timescales should be. We would obviously like to get on with the process as soon as possible. That process has started and we would look to make an appointment as soon as possible. We've had expressions of interest from a number of high calibre individuals.”

Wynn Jones said: “It's an ongoing process. The one thing we're not looking for is quick fix. We're looking for high calibre and we have very positive views about the type of manager we want, but we're not going to go into that in detail now. But he'll have to match up to that.”

The decision to part company with Worthington after nearly six years as manager had to be taken when it was, said Doncaster.

He said: “On Sunday, everyone who was here, supporters generally, recognised the decision needed to be taken. I think Nigel also reflected that in one of his comments. He said that a fresh face for the club and a fresh challenge for him would be good for both parties. I think after all that we've been through together - and the board has backed him to the hilt - this was a point at which that decision needed to be taken and was taken.”

Delia said it had been an emotional day for all concerned.

She said: “I think it's always difficult. I don't think there's any other way of it being achieved other than being difficult. It was emotional for all of us. But I'm very impressed by Nigel at his dignity. He said whichever manager comes to Norwich City Football Club is a lucky manager because we are a great football club, and I would like to say now that whichever football club employs Nigel is a very lucky football club because he is a great manager.

“Obviously it's a very low moment and we all suffered a great deal.”

Wynn Jones said he was “as emotional as anyone” over Sunday's events.

He said: “Ultimately it didn't work out and everyone's very sad for that. But the important thing is that we use this as a pivotal moment and actually turn everything round at this club.”

Delia pledged they would do their best for the fans to turn the club's fortunes around.

She said: “Over the last three games, we have shared their hurt. We understand how they were hurting. Now we look to the future and we will do, as we have always done, our very best on their behalf. We are here only to serve them.

“We will do everything we can always for our supporters and for the good of this football club.”

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