Terriers’ boss Corberan aims to be his own man ahead of City duel

PUBLISHED: 14:26 10 September 2020 | UPDATED: 14:26 10 September 2020

Carlos Corberan was a key part of Marcelo Bielsa's backroom team at Leeds before opting to strike out on his own at Huddersfield Picture: Nick Potts/PA

Carlos Corberan was a key part of Marcelo Bielsa's backroom team at Leeds before opting to strike out on his own at Huddersfield Picture: Nick Potts/PA

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Huddersfield’s new boss, Carlos Corberan, is striving to prove he can step out of Marcelo Bielsa’s shadow ahead of the Terriers’ Championship kick-off against Norwich City.

Corberan opted to leave newly-promoted Leeds, and his role as Bielsa’s trusted lieutenant, to replace Danny Cowley in July.

The 37-year-old knows how tough the Championship is at close quarters, after the Whites’ near miss during City’s own 2019 title winning triumph before last season’s success at Elland Road.

“I have a high level of respect for the Championship because it is a very tough competition, very demanding,” he said.

“We want our fans to recognise their team, and for me it is very important to control the ball because when you control the ball you control the game. Every club has different players and different possibilities.

“We might have the same targets and the same objectives (as Leeds) in how we play the game and trying to control the game, but with our players I want to allow us to make it in different ways.

“We cannot say we will do it in the same style.

“We can say that we want to control the game, to dominate the ball from the back and play out from the back, and that in defence we want to make our opponents feel uncomfortable, which is something which is not easy to achieve.”

Corberan quit playing at 23 after failing to progress in Valencia’s youth sides and was Leeds’ Under-23s coach before Bielsa spotted his potential.

“Under Marcelo it is impossible not to learn things because all the time he is thinking about the team and how to improve the team and the players,” he said, speaking to PA recently. “The possibility to spend two years working with him was something special and something I appreciate a lot.

“Until I started working with him, I only knew the opinion of the other coaches but I couldn’t feel it.

“Now I think that all the coaches who talk about Marcelo being one of the best coaches in the world, I totally agree with them. He’s someone who likes to control all the details.

“To be a coach, it’s one profession which is never going to stop, which is never finished. He tries to control the game and this is brilliant because I have the same idea, the same passion.”

Huddersfield finished 18th last season under Cowley on their return to the Football League.

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