Norwich City transfer rumours: Canaries keen on Newcastle United midfielder

PUBLISHED: 10:10 08 May 2019 | UPDATED: 10:21 08 May 2019

Newcastle's Isaac Hayden has been linked with a move to Norwich City. Picture: PA

Newcastle's Isaac Hayden has been linked with a move to Norwich City. Picture: PA

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Newcastle United’s Isaac Hayden is desperate to leave St James’ Park this summer and Norwich City has been mooted as a possible destination for the midfielder.

Hayden is keen to move south as his partner has recently had a baby and they want to be nearer to their families. The former England Under-21 international tried to force through a move last summer only to see it blocked by manager Rafa Benitez as Newcastle didn't have enough time to sign a replacement.

But Hayden has emphasised to the club that the situation remains the same and has made it clear he doesn't see his future in the north east with Norwich and Watford mentioned as possible destinations.

"I think I will be going," he told the Telegraph after starring in Newcastle's 3-2 defeat against Liverpool on Saturday. "I have spoken to the club about it and they've been open and honest with me.

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"I'm pretty sure this will be my last game at home. In football, you never know, so I can't say for definite, although it's looking like my last game here.

"Nothing has changed. It's not what is best for me or my family to be playing here next season and to be doing the travelling I have done this season. It's unfortunate but the club know my stance and have known it for a year now. There is no excuses going into the summer. It's about getting the deal right for the club and for myself.

"It's a fantastic club. You wouldn't want to actively try to leave a club when you have 52,000 every home game. But, for me, I have a daughter and a fiancee, soon to be wife, who I have to put first.

"To me, they are more important than football will ever be. Hopefully, something can be done and the club have been quite proactive with that, so I don't think there will be a problem."


At 24, Hayden certainly fits the profile of signing Norwich City are looking to make this summer but if Newcastle are looking for a fee of around £15m then that would rule the Canaries out of the running. Sporting director Stuart Webber has made it clear the club will not break the bank this summer and will stick to its policy of polishing diamonds in the rough. Other established Premier League clubs are likely to be in the running with the £15-20m fee well within the reach of clubs like Watford and Brighton.

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