‘I like them very, very much’ - Mourinho lavishes praise on Canaries

PUBLISHED: 14:46 28 December 2019 | UPDATED: 22:09 28 December 2019

Jose Mourinho is not fooled by Norwich City's lowly Premier League status ahead of Tottenham's visit Picture: PA

Jose Mourinho is not fooled by Norwich City's lowly Premier League status ahead of Tottenham's visit Picture: PA

PA Wire

Tottenham arrive at Carrow Road on business but Spurs’ chief Jose Mourinho is convinced Norwich City sit in a false position at the foot of the table.

City have claimed one point from the last six at home and lost 1-0 to fellow strugglers Aston Villa on Boxing Day, but Mourinho is warning his side not to get sucked in by the numbers.

"That team is not the team for these points and even in matches against the top teams they get points. They play well," he said. "They are arrogant in the good sense of the word, the arrogance I like.

"They play football, they want to play, they want to win matches. They know how to play. I like them very, very much.

"Let's try to beat them but after the game, I wish them all the best, because it's a very interesting team."

Tottenham hit back to beat Brighton 2-1 on Boxing Day to stay in the hunt for the top four. Harry Kane and Dele Alli were on the mark and Mourinho is delighted with how the England pair have responded since his recent arrival.

"When I was not his coach, I was always saying that he's the kind of striker who is always fantastic even if he doesn't score," said Mourinho on former City loan striker Kane, speaking to Spurs TV. "There are so many top strikers in the world who score so many goals, but the day they don't score their performance is always poor, because they give nothing.

"This is the guy who if he doesn't score, his performance is good.

"He presses, he recovers balls, he holds the ball, he assists, he drops back.

"People now say since I arrived that Dele has scored three or four goals in the Premier League and one or two goals in the Champions League, but I don't go in that direction. I go in the direction of Dele exhausted, exhausted from work.

"I love players who are exhausted."

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