Drmic has given Farke plenty to ponder

Josip Drmic's goal helped ensured City progressed to the fifth round of the FA Cup.  Picture: Paul Chesterton/Focus Images Ltd

Josip Drmic's goal helped ensured City progressed to the fifth round of the FA Cup. Picture: Paul Chesterton/Focus Images Ltd

Paul Chesterton

A fit and firing Josip Drmic can boost Norwich City’s Premier League and FA Cup push.

The Swiss international striker has been dogged by injuries since his summer move, but scored the winner on his first start for the Canaries to seal an FA Cup fourth round win at Burnley.

Drmic arrived with a high class pedigree from operating at the top end of the Bundesliga and Daniel Farke hopes he can now stay healthy over the run-in.

"Sadly he has had many injury problems since he joined us here at Norwich but Josip can be an important player for us," said Farke. "He showed this at a tough place, because it is not easy for a striker at Burnley.

"Not only his goal but how he linked the play, how he assisted with his team-mates and his workload in terms of how he pressed meant he was important for our whole game. It is always important for a striker to deliver with end product.

"Good performances make the life of a head coach difficult. I want choices, I want options. Not just Josip. Ralf Fahrmann had his first game in months, the boys who came in in the midfield were excellent as well.

"To bring a tight result over the line in a cool, focused manner was good for us. I never had the feeling Burnley would equalise because our defending was disciplined and solid. If anything we had the chances to score the third and fourth goals."

Farke was able to give first choice frontman Teemu Pukki a rare breather against the Clarets, before he replaced Drmic for the final minutes, while Max Aarons was also an unused substitute. Both would be expected to return to the starting line up for this weekend's crucial Premier League trip to Newcastle United.

"The load for the players is unbelievable in this period," said the City head coach. "Take someone like Teemu, who plays regularly for the national team as well, so it is hard to give him a break. The same with the younger lads.

"Everyone wants them to play and have as many games as possible at this time of year and, let's be honest, that is why the broadcasters pay the money they do. The load is an issue but we also get the financial benefits.

"For a head coach you have to work with a bigger squad but you can still only select 11 players. Other countries sometimes allow 20 players in the travelling squad.

"It makes a huge difference because you don't have to disappoint so many players."

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