City ace McLean feels season could be over

PUBLISHED: 06:00 07 April 2020 | UPDATED: 09:59 07 April 2020

Norwich City midfielder Kenny McLean knows football must make some tough choices Picture by Paul Chesterton/Focus Images Ltd

Norwich City midfielder Kenny McLean knows football must make some tough choices Picture by Paul Chesterton/Focus Images Ltd

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Kenny McLean is desperate to get back playing, but the Norwich City midfielder fears the season might be over.

The Canaries’ squad have to be ready should top-flight football resume, but the scale of the global pandemic is yet to peak in the UK.

The Premier League made it clear last week the professional game can only return when it is ‘safe and appropriate to do so’ following further talks with key stakeholders.

“I just can’t see it happening. Of course I would love it to be finished, I would love to get back out playing but with what is going on I just don’t see how things get better any time soon,” said McLean. “It is not a nice situation for anyone. I just can’t see it getting done.

“I have heard people talk about a deadline of the end of June. I just don’t see that at all.

“I think everyone knew Liverpool were on course to win the league comfortably. But at the bottom we did have a few fixtures coming up against teams around about us and we had started playing pretty well since the turn of the year.

“Our form was good, we were picking up some good results, we had the FA Cup run, we were in good spirits and had picked up some momentum.

“The worst situation in the bottom three if you look at it right now is probably Aston Villa, because they have a game in hand. I don’t think you can put the bottom three down. That is not fair at all.”

McLean, appearing as a guest on the PLZ Soccer ‘Football Show’on Monday, also feels the criticism levelled at footballers over the issue of player wage deferrals is wide of the mark.

“It seems footballers are a bit of an easy target. I am sure footballers across the Premier League and in general will help where they can.

“They will contribute,” he said, with the Norwich squad already pledging to donate more than £190,000 to individuals and charities affected by coronavirus.

“There had been talk about the Premier League wanting to take cuts and deferrals but that is out of our hands.

“Clubs are talking with the Premier League, the captains are getting together as well, so hopefully we can all help.

“When you look at the work people are doing in this period it is excellent, it is admirable. Everyone who can help, should help.”

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