Kenny McLean can handle the boo boys

PUBLISHED: 10:54 25 March 2019 | UPDATED: 12:20 25 March 2019

Norwich City midfielder Kenny McLean scored a landmark goal for Scotland Picture: Simon Cooper/PA Wire

Norwich City midfielder Kenny McLean scored a landmark goal for Scotland Picture: Simon Cooper/PA Wire

PA Wire

Norwich City midfielder Kenny McLean notched his first goal for Scotland in the 2-0 European Championship qualifying win over San Marino - but knows the Scots have plenty of making up to do with their disgruntled fans.

Alex McLeish and his players were barracked by the 3,000 strong travelling support despite labouring to a win over the Group I minnows, just days after getting their Euro 2020 campaign off to an embarrassing start with a 3-0 hammering in Kazakhstan.

The 27-year-old sat out that opening defeat but made his mark after just four minutes on Sunday, before Johnny Russell netted on the counter in the 74th minute to avoid another inquest.

McLean carried his impressive club form onto the international stage, after scoring in the Canaries’ 2-1 Championship win at Rotherham United prior to the break.

“The fans have got their opinion and we weren’t good enough at times. They are going to have a go at us at times and we need to deal with that,” he said.

“It’s something you need to block out and just focus on what you are doing on the pitch.

“At times it wasn’t good enough, we know that, and the fans showed their frustration. We were frustrated as well.

“It was a stuffy San Marino team that we are expected to beat by a comfortable margin and it just wasn’t to be. We had our chances but after the perfect start we just stalled a bit.

“We had them penned in and started playing and for whatever reason we just didn’t seem to click after that, we just didn’t seem to go into the next gear, we didn’t take our chances.

“We were a bit sloppy in the final third and our build-up play and loose in possession and it just filtered through the team.

“And then frustration kicked in. We just didn’t go to that next level that we know we can.”

Scotland’s win left them in fifth place in a group headed by unbeaten World Cup semi-finalists Belgium.

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