Be warned City. United on the march again for Ole

PUBLISHED: 17:08 21 October 2019 | UPDATED: 17:08 21 October 2019

Norwich City will need to stop Manchester United and England striker Marcus Rashford Picture: Martin Rickett/PA Wire

Norwich City will need to stop Manchester United and England striker Marcus Rashford Picture: Martin Rickett/PA Wire

PA Wire

Ole Gunnar Solskjaer feels Manchester United have turned a corner ahead of facing Norwich City on Sunday at Carrow Road.

The Red Devils will travel to Norfolk this weekend in confident mood after holding Liverpool to a 1-1 Premier League draw at Old Trafford.

United were on course for all three points before Adam Lallana's late equaliser, following Marcus Rashford's close range finish prior to the interval.

"It's always important to get results, because that's the only way to grow confidence in players and in teams and what we're doing," said Solskjaer. "A win would have been great but a draw is a step in the right direction.

"Two weeks ago against Newcastle was a low point this season for us but the response was fantastic. We've got players coming back from injury and illness and we'll only improve because more will come back soon, so I'm pleased."

"We know we have a team that will work together, there's a great attitude.

"This will turn their season because they were disappointed in the dressing room. They felt we should have won. That's a good sign for a manager, to see the players really disappointed after getting a point against Liverpool."

Solskjaer unveiled a defensive three man formation at the weekend that could get another outing in Norfolk.

"It allows more width in the team than we've had," he said. "We did it to create chances for ourselves. I thought the goal was the perfect example of how we wanted the game to pan out.

"We're better when we attack quickly - no dilly-dallying on the ball. Play the ball forward - it doesn't have to be a counter attack. I spoke about it before the game; take more risks, be braver. It doesn't matter if you lose the ball up there because you can win it back."

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