Canaries midfield prospect’s Scottish loan ends to seal Iceland move

PUBLISHED: 13:32 27 August 2020 | UPDATED: 13:41 27 August 2020

Norwich City youngster Isak Thorvaldsson was on loan at St Mirren Picture: Jeff Holmes/PA Wire

Norwich City youngster Isak Thorvaldsson was on loan at St Mirren Picture: Jeff Holmes/PA Wire

PA Wire/PA Images

Isak Thorvaldsson’s loan from Norwich City to St Mirren proved short-lived and now the midfielder is heading for some time back home in Iceland.

A month ago Saints boss Jim Goodwin was saying the 19-year-old was “built like a tank” and that he had received “great references” from staff at Fleetwood about his previous loan, when he was restricted to two appearances as a substitute in League One.

He then came off the bench during St Mirren’s opening two Scottish Premiership games of the season, playing the final 13 minutes of a 1-0 home win over Livingston on the opening day and the final six minutes of a 3-0 loss at Rangers.

However, he remained on the bench during a 1-0 win at Hamilton and was not in the squad for a 1-1 home draw with Ross County on Saturday - and now the loan deal has been cut short.

The Iceland U19 international stays out on loan though, joining IA Akranes in his homeland, who sit seventh in the Icelandic top flight after 11 games and are managed by former Iceland, Burnley and Huddersfield midfielder Joey Gudjonsson.

The Canaries youngster signed a new contract earlier this year extending his terms with the club until 2022, having joined back in 2017.

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