City unveil new home kit

Norwich City have unveiled their new home strip for the 2020/21 season. Picture: Norwich City FC

Norwich City have unveiled their new home strip for the 2020/21 season. Picture: Norwich City FC


Norwich City have revealed the club’s new home strip for the 2020/21 season.

The first of three new kit launches ahead of the upcoming season was unveiled on Friday morning. Carrying the yellow and green colours, the shirt features a white, yellow and green collar and sleeve trim along with jacquard fabric, which in a club press release suggests ‘gives the shirt a premium classic feel’.

The club also produced a promotional video to coincide with the release of the new shirt featuring renowned violinist Sally Potterton performing Symphony No. 40 by famous composer Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart in the centre circle of the pitch at Carrow Road.

Sam Jeffery, City’s head of commercial operations, said: “When we set out designing this season’s home kit in collaboration with Errea we had a classical, classy concept in mind, and I think that’s been delivered.

“A huge amount of time and effort has gone into this across our retail, marketing and communications teams, with the result being a launch campaign and shirt that we’re incredibly proud of.

“This also marks the second season of partnership with Dafabet, who continue to support us in the Championship, and the start of a new partnership with Bidstack and BADU Sports – we’re thankful for the great support from these partners. “

“Furthermore, we’re extremely grateful and excited about the evolution of Norwich City’s partnership with Lotus, with their brand now adorning all youth and academy shirts”.

Principal club partner Dafabet will once again feature on the front of the home shirt with BADU Sports, courtesy of Bidstack, appearing on the lower back of our match shirts for the first time.

Kayleigh Coverdale, City’s head of retail, added in the statement on the official site: “We are delighted to launch our new kit for the upcoming 2020-21 Championship season. This kit has been a year in the making with our technical kit partner Errea and the elegant look and feel is brought to life by the special jacquard fabric - this is a process used for the first time in our 10th season with Errea.

Onel Hernandez poses in the new home strip Picture: Norwich City FCOnel Hernandez poses in the new home strip Picture: Norwich City FC

“The jacquard process is one where the pattern has been incorporated into the weave of the fabric rather than printed on.

“This gives the shirt the subtle silky stripes that add to the texture of the fabric.

“For personalised shirts, supporters can now have their name and chosen number in our club colours for the upcoming season.”

The new kit is available to purchase online and the usual retail outlets. The club’s official Carrow Road store reopens on Friday at 9.30am.

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