Former City star signs for hometown club

PUBLISHED: 10:36 02 April 2020 | UPDATED: 10:43 02 April 2020

Martin Olsson has joined hometown club Helsingborgs Picture: Paul Chesterton/Focus Images Ltd

Martin Olsson has joined hometown club Helsingborgs Picture: Paul Chesterton/Focus Images Ltd

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Ex-Norwich City defender Martin Olsson has agreed to join Swedish club Helsingborgs IF.

Olsson was a free agent since leaving Swansea last summer but had been training with the Swedish outfit and has now agreed to join on a short term deal until June 30. Olsson will turn out for the club once football resumes, with Helsingborgs IF confirming the deal will cost them nothing.

The 31-year-old attacking left-back made 119 league appearances during a four year spell at Carrow Road after a £2.5m move from Blackburn in 2013 and was a key figure in the Championship promotion-winning side of 2014/15.

“Being able to represent one’s home town where one has grown up is a nice feeling,” Olsson told his new club’s official site. “I just want to play football and get started so the contract will not affect the club. I do this more for football.

“My family, friends and cousins ​​are from here so it was a pretty easy decision.

“The body feels good. I’m excited to play matches but you have to be a little smart too. I can’t go in and play 90 minutes straight. I work out well and feel good, I get some workouts if I’m ready for matches.

“Representing Helsingborg should be fun. Hopefully we have a good year ahead.”

The start of the Allsvenskan, which was originally scheduled for the start of April, has been postponed because of the coronavirus crisis. The league is currently suspended until May 31.

Former Aston Villa defender and Swedish international team mate Olof Mellberg is head coach of Helsingborgs IF.

“Martin was a left-back of a very high international class before the injury,” he said, “Now we will do everything we can to quickly get him in shape so that he can contribute in HIF and get his career back on track.”

HIF official Robin Lundgren confirmed Olsson’s move will not cost the club anything.

“It would not have been possible to bring in Martin if he were to pay anything, but the contract does not affect the club’s already strained finances at all,” he said. “We understand that it can be strange to see a player in this situation. When we get the opportunity to bring in a player like Martin Olsson without affecting our finances, we take that opportunity.

“We are very happy for Martin’s generosity in this case and that we were able to find an agreement where both he helps us and we him.”

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