‘We agreed with Norwich in three minutes’ - How City won the race for Duda

PUBLISHED: 10:40 11 January 2020 | UPDATED: 22:19 11 January 2020

Slovakian international midfielder Ondrej Duda is heading to Norwich City on loan Picture: Owen Humphreys/PA

Slovakian international midfielder Ondrej Duda is heading to Norwich City on loan Picture: Owen Humphreys/PA

PA Archive/PA Images

Norwich City pulled out all the stops to entice Ondrej Duda to England – according to the father of the prospective Canaries’ loan signing.

Duda will formally seal a short term deal to join City's Premier League survival fight in the coming days, and could make his debut at home to Bournemouth.

Ondrej senior has told Slovakian media Premier League rivals Aston Villa, West Ham and Crystal Palace all made overtures, along with late interest from Real Betis and several clubs in Germany.

The 25-year-old had fallen out of favour at Hertha Berlin since the recent arrival of Jurgen Klinsmann, but notched 11 goals and provided six assists in the Bundesliga last season.

"We agreed with Norwich in three minutes," Ondrej senior is quoted on sport.sk. "Negotiations between the clubs were a bit more complicated because Hertha's entire management was on tour in the US. In winter there is not much time to change the jersey. Norwich had to meet all the requirements, not just of the player, but also Hertha.

"In such a short transfer window, only the English teams are currently able to meet the financial requirements without any problems.

"There were several German teams in the game. They know him well. Hertha, however, would not allow him to go to a direct competitor. Only England could be considered."

Duda's idol was former Liverpool icon Steven Gerrard, and the chance to play in the Premier League is a huge draw. City head coach Daniel Farke also played a key role.

"It is very important for us to play in the leading competition. Norwich was the hottest candidate," said Ondrej senior. "Other interested parties wanted to attach conditions. Norwich was the most specific and direct.

"Ondrej's salary was taken, and the coach also played an indisputable role. Daniel Farke knows Ondrej and wanted him for the team.

"He will certainly be given space. It was the most serious offer. Ondrej looks forward to a new challenge. He is very happy that he will play in the best league in the world after the Bundesliga."

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