Canaries out on penalties

PUBLISHED: 22:48 24 October 2006 | UPDATED: 09:45 14 September 2010

Norwich City crashed out of the Carling Cup on penalties after being outplayed during much of the game.

Norwich City have gone out of the Carling Cup at Vale Park in the third round on penalties 3-2.

It was a below-par performance from the Canaries, who failed to produce the goods in normal time.

Port Vale, tenth in League One, put up a determined fight against new boss Peter Grant's side.

The home side proved to be more positive in normal time, with the Canaries never getting into their stride before a 4,500 crowd.

The Valiants, managed by Vale Park legend Martin Foyle, have never gone further than the third round of the League Cup.

Carl Robinson, Jason shackell and Robert Eagle all missed penalties.


Chesterfield2 West Ham1

Everton4 Luton0

Leeds1 Southend3

Leicester2 Aston Villa3

Notts County2 Southampton0

Sheff Utd2 Birmingham4

Watford2 Hull1

West Brom0 Arsenal2

Wycombe3 Doncaster2 (pen)

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