Norwich City quiz - Test your Canaries’ knowledge with our bumper quiz!

PUBLISHED: 11:13 26 April 2020 | UPDATED: 11:13 26 April 2020

Test your Norwich City and football knowledge with our 40 question quiz!

Test your Norwich City and football knowledge with our 40 question quiz!


Get involved and test your Norwich City knowledge with our latest delve into all things yellow and green.

There may be no football on the pitch but that doesn’t mean we can’t get the competitive juices flowing with a test of your Canaries’ knowledge.

Our weekly quizzes covers everything from the players, managers, kits, games and fans, with hopefully something for everyone.

This week we look at the title winning seasons of 2009/10 and the glorious run to the Premier League under Daniel Farke in 2018/19. There is a general knowledge round and we finish with Norwich’s good and bad brushes with all manner of cup competitions.

Good luck and let us know how you get on, either in the comments section below or on social media. Tweet us at @pinkun

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