City signing Placheta is a poster boy for the new wave of Polish talent

Przemyslaw Placheta arrives at Norwich City with a growing reputation in Poland Picture: Krystyna Paczkowska/SlaskWroclaw

Przemyslaw Placheta arrives at Norwich City with a growing reputation in Poland Picture: Krystyna Paczkowska/SlaskWroclaw


Norwich City recruit Przemyslaw Placheta is part of a golden generation of Polish football talent.

The Canaries’ swooped for the 22-year-old midfielder after his breakout season for Slask Wroclaw.

Placheta had been touted with a full Polish international call-up ahead of upcoming Nations League qualifiers, after catching the eye in last year’s European Under-21 Championships.

But the speed machine is back with the Under-21s for September games against Estonia and Russia and his U21 coach, Czeslaw Michniewicz, is confident City have a major talent on their hands who will handle the rough and tumble of the Championship.

“He is a very conscientious footballer,” he said. “There is a lot of talk about the physicality but he takes care of his body. At training camps he was always the first out there on the pitch.

“He did a lot of preventative work to avoid injuries before and after each session.

“This is a high speed car. If you don’t take care of it then it will break down.

“He has invested a lot in himself and now he has benefited. I am calm about his future in England. He is hard working.

“The one thing I don’t know is how he adapts in the changing room. He speaks great German, and I remember his initation song was a German hit.”

Michniewicz handed the youngster a debut against eventual champions Spain at the 2019 U21 Euros, in a group stage where Poland claimed the scalps of both Belgium and Italy.

“At the last moment he jumped into our team (at the finals). We saw potential in him,” said Michniewicz, speaking to Polish tabloid Super Express. “We were looking for a left-sided player and he found it easy to adapt. My only regret is that he did not play as much as we would have liked. Now he has become the main player for the next qualification series.

“We took a guy from the Premier (Polish second level) who is already now with an English Championship club.

“During our training camp when there were talks about his future I told him to pick a team where he would have the best chance of playing regularly. I know he was close to joining Legia (Warsaw) but for various reasons it did not happen.”

Placheta will meet up with his new club mates next week at Colney for the start of pre-season training.

City’s campaign gets underway with an EFL Cup tie on September 5, a week before the Championship kick-off, although Placheta will miss the cup fixture after his latest international call up.

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