Game on! Chris Wilder sounds title warning to Canaries

Sheffield United manager Chris Wilder is ready for a title battle with Norwich City Picture by Paul Chesterton/Focus Images Ltd

Sheffield United manager Chris Wilder is ready for a title battle with Norwich City Picture by Paul Chesterton/Focus Images Ltd

Paul Chesterton

Chris Wilder has warned Norwich City - we are coming for the Championship title.

Sheffield United followed the Canaries into the Premier League, after Leeds failed to beat Aston Villa on Sunday.

Now the promoted duo will go head-to-head on Sunday with the Championship trophy at stake. Norwich travel to Villa Park with a three point lead, but Wilder is going all out to snatch the silverware as the Blades visit Stoke City.

“We still have a game to play but we're going to try and win the Championship,” he said, quoted in the Sheffield Star. “That's how our mindset is. Who says we can't?

“It's an incredible feeling for everybody connected with the club.

“Saturday was one of the greatest days of my life and to see it over the line a day later was a truly memorable occasion, with my family here too.

“It had been a long week since we beat Hull on Easter Monday - possibly the longest week of my life.

“Fourteen points over seven games at the back end of the season, with one defeat in 13 at the business end of the season, and people still questioned whether we are going to fall away.

“We've just kept our heads down and answered it in the right way, which is on the green bit.

“It's just a fabulous experience. We've taken the knocks and we've come roaring back.”

Wilder, speaking to the Blades' official site, wasted no time in having a dig at Yorkshire rivals Leeds after promotion was sealed.

“I've got muppets from Leeds talking about the pressure is on us,” he said. “Bamford and Forshaw and a couple of others saying 'it is over to you'. Well they got beat seven times since Christmas.

“We've been beaten once. We steamrollered it. After the international break, two points per game.

“Don't mention anything about bottling.

“We had a disappointed game against Millwall and Bristol City. We came back. Deal with that. The best two teams have gone up.

“Full respect to Daniel (Farke). Everyone wanted Leeds to go up but we have come steaming through.”

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