Furious Farke rages at ‘unacceptable’ decisions from officials after Owls’ 2-2 draw

PUBLISHED: 00:19 20 April 2019 | UPDATED: 19:19 20 April 2019

Tim Krul appeals for handball as Steven Fletcher bundles home Wednesday's second goal Picture: Paul Chesterton/Focus Images Ltd

Tim Krul appeals for handball as Steven Fletcher bundles home Wednesday's second goal Picture: Paul Chesterton/Focus Images Ltd

Paul Chesterton

A seething Daniel Farke insists Norwich City’s Championship promotion push is in danger from a run of ‘unacceptable’ decisions from officials, after more controversy in Good Friday night’s dramatic 2-2 draw against Sheffield Wednesday.

Mario Vrancic's 97th minute equaliser moved City five points clear of the chasing pack with three league games left, but Farke was adamant his side were again hard done by.

Steven Fletcher appeared to handle the ball to put the Owls back in front, and there were two other huge calls that left Farke raging.

“If it goes on like this, and I am not accusing anyone or saying it is intentional, but one thing is for sure it will be difficult to win games. I just judge the facts. Mistake, mistake, mistake,” he said. “I am still on fire. I only have unbelievably warm words for my lads; the character, the mentality is outstanding, special and unique. In this game we had to handle so many situations against us, the same as recent weeks.

“We have been respectful but for me this is not acceptable any more. To win football games is so complicated.

“When you have so many crucial decisions against you it is a miracle to be unbeaten.

“That is a sign of our togetherness and quality. We don't want special treatment. But if there is a foul in the box against us it is a penalty. I just want fairness. We have had five games in a row now.”

Farke mapped out what he feels has been a worrying theme, starting with Emi Buendia's three match ban for his red card against QPR.

“Let me tell you the facts without accusing anyone,” he said. “The last time we had this referee, we lost at Preston. We conceded a doubtful penalty from Emi. This is the next time we have had him. In between we have had a red card for Emi, who is banned for three games. Then we play Reading and the television pictures showed two clear penalties. Against Wigan, we had to suffer a joke penalty.

“There was no intention to play the ball with a hand. I had to protect that referee in front of the pundits who wanted to punish him. Then this game topped everything. In the first half, when the keeper handles outside the box it is definitely a goalscoring opportunity. Why this is not a red? I can't understand.

“Second situation, Max Aarons is in the box and has hands on his shirt. We have to speak about a red or if not a penalty to us.

“Then in the second half when Sheffield scored, you have to see it is clear handball and a yellow card for Steven Fletcher.

“These are facts and these are mistakes. I make mistakes, so do my players but we have had several in a row.”

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