‘It would be heart-breaking’ - Canaries skipper wants to restart but still has concerns

PUBLISHED: 15:42 15 May 2020 | UPDATED: 15:42 15 May 2020

Norwich City skipper Grant Hanley Picture by Paul Chesterton/Focus Images

Norwich City skipper Grant Hanley Picture by Paul Chesterton/Focus Images

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Norwich City captain Grant Hanley says it would be “heart-breaking” for the Canaries’ players if they don’t get a full opportunity to attempt their Premier League great escape - but admits there are still concerns about returning to action.

The City skipper has spoken to Sky Sports News this morning following player conversations with the Premier League and government officials about plans to resume in June.

“Everybody has got their own interests to consider but what I will say on it is that as players and a team, we’ve worked hard to get a fair crack of the whip in the Premier League,” said the Scotland international.

“It would be such a shame for us and it would be heart-breaking if we didn’t get that. I’m thankful that it’s not down to me to make these sort of decisions because it’s tough to keep everyone happy.

“But from a player’s point of view, first of all we’ve got to look at where we are in terms of getting back to training and playing, but in terms of who goes down or who comes up, who knows!

“It’s the whole thing around the situation, uncertainty and that nothing is clear at the moment.”

Premier League players were issued with an eight-page document this week detailing the social distancing and hygiene protocols required to return to team training, initially in small groups and potentially starting next week.

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“From a player’s point of view and being a captain, it’s important to speak to your players and I think the overall feeling is that players have got concerns,” Hanley said.

“There’s just so much uncertainty and looking at the protocols for going back to training, I think that’s probably fair enough, but it’s the next step from that - where do we go form there, in terms of going back to contact training and games?”

The centre-back continued: “Obviously the Premier League have opened up dialogue with captains this week, that’s sort of been the start of it, but going forward that’s obviously something that’s going to be needed.

“They’re going to need to look at the players and ask their opinions, their feelings, worries and concerns on what’s happening. That was spoken about in the meetings we had this week, in terms of where the players are at and where squads were at and their opinions as a whole.”

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