‘Stuart Webber has done a wonderful job’ - Stoke City chief hails Canaries’ revolution

Stoke City manager Nathan Jones is a big fan of Norwich City sporting director Stuart Webber Picture: Paul Chesterton/Focus Images Ltd

Stoke City manager Nathan Jones is a big fan of Norwich City sporting director Stuart Webber Picture: Paul Chesterton/Focus Images Ltd

Paul Chesterton

Stuart Webber has engineered a revolution at Norwich City, in the view of Stoke City boss Nathan Jones.

The Potters' chief knows his fellow Welshman well and is striving to emulate Webber's model to get Stoke in contention for the Premier League next season.

“You've only got to look at Norwich,” he said, after holding the Canaries to a 2-2 draw. “They finished 15th last year and didn't start this season brilliantly.

“They came down and had a hangover from the Premier League and had a lot of Premier League players that thought the Championship was going to be easy, but it wasn't. They had to change the environment and they've done a great job.

“The manager, the head of recruitment who I know very well, Stuart Webber, has done a wonderful job changing everything at the club.

“Now they're reaping the rewards because they recruited well, had the environment and kept faith in what they do.

“That's what we've got to do here. As soon as we do that, the fans will get a team that they're proud of and a team that can produce that second half performance for 46 games, which is the goal.”

Jones is convinced he can repeat his success at Luton Town, that saw him headhunted by the Potters.

“One hundred per cent. I wouldn't have come here if we couldn't,” he said. “I did it at my previous club. Every day they came in with that hunger and wanted to get better - and I see it here.

“I see it here with two thirds of the squad. So we replace the other third, we recruit better than them and suddenly you've got an atmosphere that is conducive to elite performance. That's what we want. If we get that, then yes, everything is in place. We will make sure we are on an upward spiral.

“We've had to change a lot around the environment and the training ground and we're getting there.

“It's going to be a big summer but we're ready for a big summer and we're looking forward to a big summer.

“There can be negativity surrounding everything, but no one moves forward.

“In the end all you keep doing is changing manager after manager after manager after manager until finally someone is given time and patience and backing.”

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