Never in doubt. Tim Krul gets Daniel Farke’s vote

Tim Krul denied Wigan striker Leon Clarke in a crucial moment. Picture: Paul Chesterton/Focus Images Ltd

Tim Krul denied Wigan striker Leon Clarke in a crucial moment. Picture: Paul Chesterton/Focus Images Ltd

Paul Chesterton

Classy Tim Krul is showing why he was the final piece in Norwich City’s promotion puzzle.

The former Newcastle keeper arrived on a free transfer last summer, to replace the departed Angus Gunn, after Stuart Webber and Daniel Farke enticed him to the Championship.

Krul has had his critics, following some costly errors, but the 31-year-old again produced a key stop in the 1-1 draw at Wigan.

“A keeper can make a mistake and it is costly but when you judge our season over the whole period he has been outstanding, what he brings on and off the pitch,” said Farke. “He got us this one point at Wigan. He showed his class.

“He can not only make outstanding saves, and link the play and build up the play, but he has a positive body language and shows leadership for our young back four. We are happy we have him.

“We were always honest with people. It was quite normal that he had a rusty start to the season after not playing for many months. For a keeper, especially, it is important to be in your rhythm.

“Now he is and you can see that confidence in his game.”

Krul superbly thwarted Leon Clarke at a crucial stage in the Canaries' hard fought draw in the north-west.

“It was a brilliant save,” said Farke. “To win the duel in this situation is a sign of Tim's quality. It was a key point in the game.

“Also the fact that he was not so much involved in the game but when you are needed you stand up tall, you show good reactions and hold your nerve.

“My feeling was we were the better side in many topics but when you are 1-0 down you have to take more risks and when they have some quality players in the offence it is a big risk.

“Leon Clarke was brilliant. He is an experienced player who knows how to score.”

Teemu Pukki is another free transfer who has paid off handsomely. The Finnish international notched his 27th of the league season to earn a point.

“He is a brilliant lad,” said Farke. “It is not just the goals. His ability to link the play, the number of assists and pressing from the front.

“I would prefer he had taken one of his first chances but it is a sign of his confidence and his quality he was there in the big moment.

“I am also confident he can show his quality on the highest level in the Premier League.”

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